Upcoming Land Resilience Masterclass

On Friday 29 th March the project team will be conducting a Masterclass event during the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington. The Masterclass is titled Driving National Land Resilience: Framework for Assessing and Planning and is aimed at practitioners and World Bank task team leaders in countries that would like to enhance resilience by using Land and Geospatial Information Systems.

The Masterclass will present an overview of key concepts around land resilience and key operational tools developed to improve land resilience, including the Contextual Analysis Questionnaire, the Pre and Post Disaster Recommendations, the Land Resilience Maturity Index and the Country Action Plan Template. It provides a hands-on approach to demonstrating these tools, taking participants through the use of the Land Resilience Maturity Index to perform a country-based assessment, and how to utilize the outcomes of the assessment as input into developing a robust Country Action Plan for advancing land resilience.

The masterclass is focused on the project preparation stage including diagnosis, analysis and planning, and participants will learn how to assess the current land resilience status of their country and what steps to take to identify action areas and implement change.

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