Land Resilience Tools

Land Resilience Tools

A process for improving land resilience within a country context has been developed through the implementation of the four developed land resilience tools:

The initial stages of the process are best undertaken by land administration experts within the country under assessment. If required, geospatial
experts can be consulted to give input into the specific geospatial elements. The final element of the process, the country action plan template, should be completed in a workshop environment in consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders with land, geospatial and disaster risk management backgrounds.

The objective of the process for improving land resilience is to determine:

  • How resilient land and geospatial systems are to disasters events
  • To what extent land and geospatial systems are able to contribute support to external applications such as disaster risk management activities
  • Areas that land and geospatial systems could improve or enhance to support disaster risk management functions

To participate in the project and assess the overall land resilience of your country, visit here to complete and submit the Contextual Analysis Questionnaire and the Land Resilience Maturity Index.