Case Study Template Request


The overarching aim of the project improving resilience and resilience impact of national land and geospatial systems, is to develop a roadmap which demonstrates how national land and geospatial systems could improve resilience to disasters.

A key objective of the project is to produce country level action plans for increasing resilience and resilience impact of national land and geospatial systems. In order to achieve this aim and meet this objective, a case study method has been devised where selected countries will participate in country-level case studies.

To guide the investigation a template has been developed to direct the inquiry and data collection for each case country participating, and to enable a framework for comparison between the countries.

The template focuses on two key areas of investigation: the role of land administration and geospatial information, and disaster risk management practices. Through the template the status of national land, geospatial and NSDI systems, and the countries disaster risk management practices are investigated.

The template is divided into 5 sections. Some sections can be completed individually through research, and some sections will require input from relevant stakeholders and industry representatives.

If you are interested to learn more about the case study template or participate as a case country using the template,
please contact the project team